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Howdy, Read it Dud!

Welcome to Read it Dud – A community of enthusiastic bloggers who are popularly known as “Viewer”! These are bloggers who are living an internet lifestyle or are currently moving in that direction.

Here is what you will find on Read it Dud :

92% practical tips to raise & earn money from your blog; the other 8% is for extravagant jokes & personal stories.
Basic & advanced money making techniques. This is all pretty cool stuff but not that easy.
A community of like-minded bloggers who hang out & talk about blogging on our dedicated forum for bloggers.
Online marketing tips for entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses.
This site is not limited to tech, fashion, travel, finance, or any other kind of blogging. SML is appropriate for everyone with any kind of blog or website.
Complete “How-To” of inbound marketing to increase traffic, sales & brand value.
Exclusive deals & discounts for your blogs. (How does getting discounts on some cool new tools sound?)
Free video guides & tutorials to simplify complex blogging jargon. (This is new but growing steadily.)
I bought the domain Read it Dud.ml on Aug 8th, 2017 by free . It was not easy to ask for a credit card from anyone, but we all have one such friend. Don’t we??

Something which started as a bit of fun turned out to be the biggest life changing experience for me. In the last eight years, Read it Dud has become more than just a popular blog.it has made a positive impact on many people’s lives.

This blog’s popularity is not because of numerous awards or because it was featured in international media. It’s because it has changed the lives of many who apply these techniques.

This community has helped numerous individuals to become their own boss through the internet. This is done by becoming financially independent first, and then experiencing the true meaning of life.

If you have never blogged before, don’t mistake it with just another thing. It’s an intense tool which can empower you beyond anything else as your words will reach out to everyone on every corner of the planet.

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The website also rims with intriguing blogs and fascinating features contribute by competent writers.

Employing a vast network of strategically positioned correspondents all over India, Read it Dud is at the forefront of every breaking news story that matters most to the common man of India.

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